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The PLEDGE on Food Waste is Third-party certification and benchmarking system.

Practical Food Waste Certification

The PLEDGE on Food Waste is the ideal solution tailored for restaurants, hotels, and canteens. Our goal is to lead these establishments to significantly reduce food waste while cutting costs, enhancing their reputation, and nurturing local ecosystems.

What Makes Us Different?

The PLEDGE on Food Waste is the leading global food waste certification. It was designed in 2018 by combining all existing best practices identified. The PLEDGE offers a comprehensive methodology for food waste prevention, built on 7 pillars and 95 criteria, providing a holistic approach to reducing food waste. The PLEDGE methodology aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2, 12, 13, and 17.


Seven Pillars

The PLEDGE centers around 7 pillars: Our mission is to achieve zero food waste sent to landfills, driving sustainable practices across the board.

1/3 Food

produced is lost or wasted globally

3rd Largest

CO2 equivalent emitter if food waste were a country

$700 Billion

of a global opportunity for tackling this issue

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