Elevate your Food Waste Prevention Initiative with The PLEDGE Certification

The PLEDGE on Food Waste is a Singapore-based third-party audited certification and benchmarking system. Articulated around 7 pillars and 95 criteria, it offers a comprehensive approach to global food waste reduction.

Overview of Our Food Waste Prevention Solution

The PLEDGE on Food Waste certification includes Process Documentation, employee commitment, Food Waste Monitoring System, Food Handling Before Preparation, Food Preparation and Offering, Customer Engagement, and post-consumer. The angle is for food operations to aim for zero food waste in landfills. The full process is online, and the recommended food waste monitoring methodology has been designed to align with the United Nations Draft Food Loss and Waste Standard. The certification process until the audit usually takes 4 to 6 months.

Our Process To
Prevent Food

Join The PLEDGE on Food Waste to make a difference! Follow these simple steps to register, review, and get certified.

Sign up

Join the global movement and become a pledger by registering for The PLEDGE.

Review & Implement

Assess your current procedures and make necessary changes to align with The PLEDGE guidelines.

Schedule Audit

Contact The PLEDGE to schedule a third-party audit of your food waste prevention practices.

Audit Performance

The third party conducts the audit to evaluate your compliance with The PLEDGE standards.

Receive Certification

After completing the audit, you will receive your certification and join the ranks of food waste reduction champions!

Maximize Your Impact: Benefits of The PLEDGE certification

Third-Party Audit

Gain credibility and assurance through independent validation of your food waste reduction efforts, building trust with customers and stakeholders.

Holistic Approach

Our comprehensive methodology addresses every aspect of food waste prevention, ensuring a well-rounded strategy with a structured framework that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency.


Experience significant cost savings and environmental benefits with our proven track record of reducing food waste by 25% to 35% per cover, improving profitability, and creating a more sustainable operation.

Brand Positioning

With The PLEDGE Certification, you stand out as a responsible and environmentally conscious brand, attracting eco-conscious customers and strengthening your brand reputation.




All Star

Four Levels of Certification: Achieve Recognition for Your Efforts

To be certified, Hotels need to achieve a minimum of 70 points in the third-party audit process. Scoring between 70-79% earns a Bronze certification, while 80-89% secures Silver. Aim for Gold with scores between 90-99%, and reach the prestigious All-Star certification with a perfect score of 100%. Each level underscores the organization’s commitment to excellence in food waste reduction.

Empowering Hotels: The PLEDGE Box



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