Build Back Better Detroit

Lowering Food Costs in Detroit through decreasing food waste in commercial kitchens

Awarded Restaurants

Vanderberg Dinning Hall

Hillcrest Hall

Oakland Center

Sylvan Table

Johnny's Speakeasy


Folk Detroit

In 2021, The PLEDGE launched a pilot project in partnership with Make Food Not Waste, a Detroit Metro Area non-profit, to help area restaurants eliminate hidden sources of food waste and implement long-lasting practices for waste prevention. 7 restaurants were certified in June 2023 and are the 1st in the U.S. to get certified for The PLEDGE.

The project was made possible with funding from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as outreach support from Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Hear from our Pledgers

“The PLEDGE gave us the momentum to get things done that we’ve been wanting to do.”

— Evol Gazzarato Resident District Manager, Oakland University at Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services

“This really should be the standard and will be the standard for any good kitchen.”

— Craig Kuhlmann Manager, Alchemi & Johnny's Speakeasy

“Anyone who wants to do The PLEDGE™ will feel better about what we’re doing in the industry.”

— Bryan Pencola Sous Chef, The PLEDGE Lead

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste helps restaurants understand where waste is happening and then put actionable steps in place to prevent it. We’ve seen it have a dramatic effect not only on the environment but also on employee engagement and profit margins. It truly is a win-win for restaurants.”

— Danielle Todd Founder and Executive Director, Make Food Not Waste

Turned beef trim into meatball appetizer, now #1 appetizer on both menus; $10,000 in sales in 3 months

— Craig Kuhlmann Manager, Alchemi & Johnny's Speakeasy

"We understand it's not only our responsibility and call on our vendors and customers to aid in a broader waste management system that's overall healthier for our people, products and planet.”

— Rohani Foulkes Owner & Co-Founder, Folk Detroit