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The Accredited Consultants for The PLEDGE on Food Waste are part of a growing network of sustainability champions, trained and equipped with tools and methodologies to bring food waste prevention solutions to food service providers. Our consultants are eager to support them in the implementation of The PLEDGE on Food Waste certification by providing their expertise to drive positive impact while reducing food waste and operational costs.

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Cristina Blaj, Spain

Giovanni Pitorri, Spain

Philippe-Jean Arnou, Madagascar

Matteo Bierschneider, Indonesia

Barbara Schott, Kenya

Marcel Hendrickx, Spain

Danielle Todd, USA

Angela Njehia, Kenya

Benoit Liegey, Canada

Pamela Leste, Mauritius

Christine Meister, Japan

Tovo Ratsimba, Madagascar

Aurore Pauze, Italy

Natalia Krylova, Switzerland

Claudio Merino Bolaños, Spain

Lisa B Saxe, USA

Mala Sundaresan, Malaysia

Alexander Horswill, UK

Sian Cuffy-Young, Trinidad & Tobago

Raphael Maingot, France

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Thailand Spain Mauritius Indonesia France
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