Why Choose The PLEDGE on Food Waste?

The PLEDGE Methodology aligns with Global Framework

The PLEDGE on Food Waste corresponds with The Wasted Food Scale, a framework developed by the Environmental Protection Agency USA (EPA) that prioritizes actions to prevent and divert food waste from disposal. It categorizes pathways from most to least preferred, focusing on maximizing environmental benefits and circular economy contributions. The scale highlights pathways like prevention, donation, and upcycling as the top priorities, emphasizing their role in nourishing people and minimizing environmental impact.


Implementing The PLEDGE fosters sustainable practices and financial benefits, enhances employee engagement and brand reputation, and underscores a dedication to environmental responsibility.

Financial Gains

Taking The PLEDGE can reduce food waste by up to 40%, with a payback period of 4-6 months from program initiation. The prevented food waste directly translates into significant cost savings for organizations.

Customer Testimonial

Employee Engagement

Our comprehensive methodology drives active employee participation, enhancing performance efficiency. Employees who have embraced The PLEDGE attest to a transformative shift in their perception of food waste.

Customer Testimonial

The PLEDGE certification was a journey of awareness & learning for me and my team. The holistic approach empowered us to reduce food waste creatively. An intense journey worth every step.


Implementing The PLEDGE enhances branding and reputation while aligning with ESG principles. By showcasing responsible practices and verification, organizations differentiate themselves, attract environmentally conscious customers, strengthen loyalty, and demonstrate commitment to sustainable goals.


The PLEDGE’s significance as a third-party certification lies in its impartial validation, building credibility for organizations committed to food waste reduction. By undergoing rigorous evaluation from an independent entity, organizations demonstrate their commitment to food waste reduction with transparency and trustworthiness. This process validates sustainable practices, assures consumers of environmental responsibility, and drives accountability toward a sustainable future.

Benefits For Corporate

Uniform & Practical Methodology

Cost-effective & Scalable

Mapping and Fostering Collaboration

Benchmarking System

Holistic Approach

This really should be the standard and will be the standard for any good kitchen.”  

— Craig Kuhlmann, Manager of Alchemi’s and Johnny’s Speakeasy