Terms & Conditions

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a Private Limited Company incorporated in Singapore under the Membership number 201831048C. The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a third party audited certification and benchmarking system on food waste prevention designed to improve organizations and commercial kitchens’ bottom-line.   

This Membership Agreement is made between The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste and the organization (hereafter referred to as “the Member”) willing to go through the certification process and pay the Membership fees. 

By paying the Membership fee for The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste certification, the Member accepts the terms and conditions specified in this Membership Agreement and commits to undertake its best efforts to reach the highest certification score. 

As such, the Member formally commits to the following: 

  • Authenticity, veracity and reliability of all evidence and explanation provided to demonstrate compliance with The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste certification criteria 
  • Proactivity to inform The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste as soon as the Member is ready for the audit and in all communication with the third-party auditing company 
  • Agree on the use of the Member’s name and logo on The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste website, social media and communication materials 


Article 1 – Fees and Payment Terms 

Annual Membership fee and auditing fee must have been agreed between the Member and The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste or LightBlue or an Authorized Accredited Consultant acting under license or legal agreement with LightBlue Environmental Consulting Company Limited. In case of doubt, please reach out directly to contact@lightblueconsulting.com .  

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste Membership is to be renewed every 12 months starting from the day of Membership. The first day of Membership is the date of the receipt of the payment of the Membership fee. 

It is clearly understood by the Member that the auditing fees must be paid directly to the officially accredited auditing company. The auditing company and the dedicated auditor’s contact will be attributed directly by The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste through the official communication channel.  

Membership and auditing fees are non-refundable. 

In case of failure of the audit, the audit fee to repeat the auditing process must be paid again in full. 


ARTICLE 2 – Certification Process 

Upon payment of the Membership fee, The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste will send to the Member the login credential and a welcome kit including a user guide to access its online platform. The online platform details the 95 criteria (including guidance and tools) and is the platform where the Member should input all evidence to demonstrate compliance with The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste certification criteria. 

When the Member has completed the certification process by inputting all required evidence on the online platform, it should inform The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste by email to launch the audit process.  

A third-party auditor will contact the Member and audit the compliance of the Member against the 95 criteria.  

To be certified, the Member should reach a minimum score of 70 points. If the Member does not reach the minimum score, it will have 1 week to take corrective actions. 

Once officially certified, the Member will get access to a Communication toolbox and will have the right to use all included marketing materials such as the PLEDGE Certified logo, badge, official certificate and how to communicate publicly about its certification. The certification has 1 year validity. 

12 months after the official certification date, should the Member fail to pay its annual Membership and audit fee, the Member must remove all logo or reference made to its The PLEDGE™ certification status on all its printed and digital material immediately. 


Article 3 – Online Compliance Platform 

During this Agreement, The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste will give to the Member access to the compliance platform (the “Software”) to upload evidence and access support tools. The Software can be found at: 

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the software to the Partner’s computer(s) or data. 

It is understood and agreed by the Partner that the data uploaded on the platform will become the property of The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste, which The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste will hold the right to use for research, marketing or educational purpose, and the origin of data (names, brand, people) will never be disclosed in accordance with Article 5. The Member maintains the right to retrieve its own data after the end of use should it decide not to continue using the platform. 

 The Partner is prohibited from performing reverse engineering, copying or developing third-party software which interoperates with the licensed platform without explicit and written agreement from The PLEDGE™, or will face legal action. 

Article 4 – Intellectual Property and Confidentiality 

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste’s logo, name, and criteria are copy-righted and protected by international Intellectual Property protection law under the Vienna Convention.  

It is strictly forbidden to share, copy, communicate or transfer any material provided by The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste, including but not limited to the 95 criteria, the online platform and the login and password to access it, the tools embedded on the platform, the communication toolbox or any other material provided by The PLEDGE on Food Waste. 

While performing the Services, the Parties recognize that they may come in contact or become familiar with information of the other Party, which the Party or its subsidiaries or affiliates may consider confidential. This information may include, but is not limited to, information pertaining to purchasing, pricing structure, tools, financial performance, computer software, processes, reporting document and structure, methods and methodology, and food cost, which information may be of value to a competitor. The Parties and their staff and/or consultants agree to keep all such information confidential and not to discuss or divulge it to anyone. 

For all inquiries, please contact: love@thepledgeonfoodwaste.org